Restless 坐立難安 (Zuò lì nán ān)

I was drawn by a dream,
I wandered through a land,
Everything attracts me, but nothing holds me,
The grasses have turned into rice paddies,
The forests replaced by orchards,
Every stretch of the land is covered by human footsteps,
Restlessness keeps growing inside of me,
Where is my ancestral land?

A stag in an unnatural, stressed position. The mass-produced Monobloc stool, the world’s most common plastic furniture. In East Asia the stool is very popular in red, this colour symbolising luck and happiness.  Red also signifies danger – the threat caused by human activity to ecosystems represented by the stag.

Material: Huon pine and acrylic
Size: 150 x 180 x 100 mm (WxHxD)
Photography by Peter Whyte