2016 – 2018 Illustration

The Fighters

“The Fighters” is created for the 2017 Chinese year of the Rooster.

One cage can’t hold two roosters.

Like my mind.

I fight against myself all the time, when I’m making a decision or choosing what to believe.

Am I fighting or am I frozen too afraid of moving on the wrong decision?


Blue gone grey, the sky began to cry.

Each little drop of rain messes up my mind and seeps inside.

My memory starts leaking.

I hear someone sobbing and a heart weeping.

A worrier

A little soul with worry.

The things you have seen,

The noise you have heard,

The patterns they have stitched.

You were not born a worrier but you were surrounded by worriers.

Your eyes see things in grey,

Your heart breeds butterflies.